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All Over Print Clothing

At T-Shirt Bakery, we have an exclusive collection of all over print clothing. The fabric is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled polyester. That old plastic water you recycled last week... we made it into your t-shirt! Using recycled material sustainably is our company's ethos.

  • Created from recycled polyester
  • Made to order (printed, cut & sown)
  • Full colour and design

How do we make our high-quality all over print clothing?
All our all-over printed clothing is made to order using a cut and sew method. Your design is printed onto the fabric then gets cut and hand-sewn into the finished product, ready for dispatch. Using a cut and sew method has many benefits. Firstly, it allows us to reduce waste as we only create what we need. Also, our process of making all over print clothing won't leave white creases or wrinkles, which are frequently near stitching. However, the cut and sew method eliminate this issue, giving you the perfect printed item. 

We're here to help!
Wear it if you like it! T-Shirt Bakery has thousands of stunning patterns and an extensive range of all over print clothing options. Our all-over printed clothes will make your style stand out. If you want to buy in quantity, create your own design, or even make money selling our items, we at T-Shirt Bakery have got what you're looking for!

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T-Shirt Bakery
All-Over Print Kids Leggings
Regular price £27.50 incl. print
  • White
T-Shirt Bakery
All-Over Print Men's Tank Top
Regular price £30.00 incl. print
  • White
T-Shirt Bakery
All-Over Print Leggings
Regular price £39.00 incl. print
  • White

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