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Top 8 Reasons for wearing a printed work uniform

Top 8 Reasons for wearing a printed work uniform

Why is wearing a printed uniform so important for your business.

Business uniforms or attire has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Too many businesses have forgotten why proper business uniforms are important.

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Some companies prefer their employees to dress freely or casually for comfort. I am not saying that this can’t work well for some industries, but your business could be missing a trick by not implementing a suitable printed uniform.

Companies which typically encourage or require a more defined uniform, generally perform better than those who have a more freely non-uniform dress code. Maintaining a professional image which reinforces your brand and business, will leave a more rememberable impact on customers that visit or shop with you. Communication skills ranks the most important quality when leaving an impression, the second highest quality is appearance, and is the most often associated with professionalism. According to a 2010 national poll conducted by the Centre for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania.

Executive director ‘Matthew Randall’ of the CPE, said, "How an individual dresses for work can be a powerful extension of his personal brand. Clothes, accessories and even the footwear an employee chooses to wear help to reinforce or diminish his skills and qualities in the eyes of his employer, co-workers and clients."

Below are the Top 8 Reasons for wearing a printed work uniform.

1. Create an attractive business image.
People tend to judge us by how we dress. They make that first impression, the moment they walk through the door. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a good professional impression, and help your business attract and retain customers.

2. Promote your company or brand.
When you or your employees wear a uniform, which displays your business’s logo and corporate colours, they help to reinforce your brand and differentiate your business in the marketplace.

3. Free advertising.
A well designed printed work uniform, which is worn in public becomes “walking billboards,” that promotes your business, products or services, and the best thing about all this is that it’s "FREE.”

4. Foster team spirit.
When your employees wear work uniforms, this promotes a sense of commonness, unity and a feeling of belonging to your company’s brand. This can in turn improve your employees productivity.

5. A feeling of equality.
Uniforms brings everyone involved in the business on to a level platform. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner, the manager or an assistant. It’s the sense of commonality and pride in what the uniform represents, which is the hard work that you and your employees have put in to the business.

6. Promote company pride.
Work uniforms can instil a feeling of pride and responsibility. They can convert employees into “brand ambassadors” outside the actual workplace, representing your brand.

7. Improve customer service.
Printed work uniforms can immediately identify employees of the company, who can be approached for information, purchasing details and sales, thereby improving overall customer relationships.

8. Mutual growth.
Employees wearing uniforms are more caring towards their fellow colleagues and growth of their peers. Uniforms are very important in fostering mutual growth traits, which are essential for individuals, and your business as a whole to thrive and prosper.

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