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How do people perceive traits by the colours we wear?

How do people perceive traits by the colours we wear?

Black or White? Blue or Red? 

May I ask what colour you are wearing today? How much time do you spend selecting the colour from your wardrobe for a special event? But what about that one best dress with the quintessential colour you are saving for the perfect day or occasion. We interact with colours daily. People dress in colours that best express their individuality. Every colour has an emotion attached to it. 

Before the survey, I was confident that my knowledge about the perception of colours as a graphic T-shirt designer and branding coordinator at the T-Shirt Bakery was up to date; at least, that's what I believed. However, I came to very astounding results about how people think of others merely on the bases of what colour they are wearing.

We recently surveyed people aged between 18 and 60 on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, to see if our perspectives and the lessons I learned in school (many, many years ago) still hold in 2022. The survey's fascinating results compel us to reconsider how we would use colour in our graphic t-shirt designs.

Our interesting findings are below…

The First Impression is the Last 

There is a saying, "Two things remain irretrievable: time and impression." 

You will get only one chance to make your first impression, whether it's your job interview or first dinner date. Going for an interview is always nerve-racking, but making a lasting impression through your aesthetic sense can be a winning solution for your confident looks. 

The colour of confidence 

So, upon asking applicants 'Which colour they would wear for an interview? With 45.8% preferring to wear black, blue came a close second with 37.5%. Black colour is perceived as elegant, and most people want to wear it for interviews as they look smarter. Your way can be a little easier if you are fashionable. 

Making an impression on the first date.

The second question we asked was, 'What colour would you wear on a first date?

What color to wear on a first date


Our poll showed that Blue (41.7%) and Black (29.2%) were once again the top answers from both men and women. Red was the third highest, followed by green, orange, pink and white. The least popular colours were yellow, brown and purple. 

Do you know the colour of attractiveness? 

We followed up this question with 'What colour do you find the most attractive on a potential mate?'. The biggest surprise was blue, which received 37.5% of the poll, compared to 4.2% of respondents saying they would wear brown on a first date. Overall, blue, black and Red were the top best colours people found the most attractive on a potential mate. Men say they feel most sexy in Black and Women in Red. We recommend avoiding pink if you want to save your best personality image.

How do people perceive traits by the colours we wear? 

Arrogant yet attractive colour. 

You must be surprised to know that arrogance can be depicted through colour. 

Scratch your head to drumroll your memory. 

Red and Black colour traits can swing both ways. Our survey respondents found the most arrogant colour was red, with 41.7% overall in our poll. But at the same time, red feathering is second high in our survey for sexiness and the colour, which most people find attractive in a potential partner. Our survey also shows Red inspires confidence in people with a whopping 54.2% of the vote, followed by Black (16.7%). Arrogance and confidence are closely related and can appear to people when looking for a romantic partner.  

The colour of trust

What colour would you find most trustworthy on a person?

Although black topped our survey as the most popular colour to wear to an interview, it might be best to wear blue if you want to inspire trustworthiness. According to our respondents, Blue (33.3%) is the most trusting colour to wear. Blue was closely followed by Green (16.7%) and White at 16.7%. Brown and Pink are the colours people trust the least. 

Colour of generosity, royalty and creativity We follow this question by asking, 'What colour do you associate generosity with?'. Surprisingly yellow hit the top spot as the colour perceived for generosity with 25%. 

It ok yellow- if you didn't have the winning spot for the best colour to wear for the first date. 

Our respondents voted for the colours purple (58.3%) and Blue (20.8%) as the colour representing fineness and royalty. The most different result I found on the poll was when people were asked which colour they think is perceived for creativity?. 25% voted for green, and 20.8% voted for yellow.

Intelligence VS a Lack of Intelligence - 

You must be thinking that "does colour influence intelligence vibe"? I would roll my eyes and say, "YES." 

Can you identify the one colour that, when worn, conferred intelligence on a person?. Our survey shows that one colour among men and women we asked for considered Blue (33.3%) viewed as a colour of intelligence. Black (25%) was ranked second, followed by green(16.7%), red(8.3%) purple(8.3%), yellow(4.2%) and brown(4.2%). And nobody thought that orange, pink and white have some intelligence co-relation. So it's good news for people who like the blue colour to wear every time.

infographic - Intelligence VS a Lack of Intelligence

Blue is the colour of intelligence, but what about the colours perceived as a lack of intelligence?. Our applicants in the survey topped pink(37.5%). Pink represent a soft trait, but it has a tint of immaturity, which doesn't depict intelligence. Following Pink, the colours associated with a lack of intelligence are brown (25%), yellow (16.7%), orange (8.3%), purple (4.2%), black (4.2%), and white (4.2%). 


There are many theories as to how humans perceive colours. Red is an attention-grabbing colour; it makes women instantly more appealing. Red is also a colour that gives the perception of confidence. Wearing primarily black clothing helps one appear more serious and enigmatic. Black and Blue bring out the inner charm and are liked the most. You perceive trustworthiness and intelligence when you see the person wearing blue. You appear more incisive when you wear monotone. Wearing bright colours makes you seem happier. Pastel clothing gives you a more subdued appearance. 

Next time if you want to enhance your aesthetic appearance, choose your fashion colours wisely!!!

If any of our readers wish to use our data to write their own article on colour perception in fashion, please do so. We only ask that you credit the T-Shirt Bakery and add a  link to our website. If you would like to use our images or infographics, please get in touch as Terms and conditions apply.

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