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Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery are on Bold Street in the Cultural Quarter of Warrington. It is located in the Grade II listed building. Also, the Warrington Museum takes pride in sharing the place with the town’s Central Library.

A Brief History

The Warrington Museum and the Library opened initially in 1848. The 1st subsidised library in the UK was the Warrington library. Further in 1858, they moved to the current premises. Besides, the extension of Warrington art galleries occurred during the years 1877 and 1931. Culture Warrington operates the Warrington Museum. The Museum in Warrington has the fame of being one of the ancient civil museums in the UK.

Moreover, the classic character of the Warrington building has been safeguarded.

The Building

The Warrington Museum and Art Gallery were constructed during the period of 1855 and 857. The idea behind the design plan for the Warrington Museum was John Dobson. The Warrington Museum and Art Gallery is a two-storeyed building. It is made of brick and stone.

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

The Warrington Museum Collections

The collections of the Warrington Museum were initially based on the collection of the Warrington Natural History Society.
Also, the Warrington Museum collections have expanded. Besides, it now includes vast subjects like Roman Britain, geology, botany, fish, reptiles, the Civil war, birds, mammals and, glass, etc,. The Warrington Museum has a collection of thousands of paintings. These paintings include prints and watercolours. These collections are on the second floor. Basically, the Mezzanine Art Gallery displays this art.

Inside Warrington Museum

Inside Warrington Museum

Warrington Art Gallery

The art by Water Langley is oneof the popular works in the Warrington Museum collections. They acquired this art in 1966. The first floor has two temporary art galleries. A large art gallery and slight smaller gallery. The Warrington art gallery often presents traveling exhibitions. Besides, they exhibit the work of local artists and, community-related events. The Museum keeps adding to the collection. This helps them collect modern art. It helps them extend the range of contemporary work. For instance, apart from the art by Water Langley, there are two other famous paintings. One painting is by Jan Van known as the ‘Flowers and Fruit’. The other is ‘Fair Quiet and Sweet Rest’ by Luke Fildes. These two paintings add an extra charm to the Warrington Museum.

Present- Day Scenario

The Warrington Museum and Art Gallery have opened its gate to the public. The premises have been open since July 24th, 2020. The museum in Warrington takes pride in abiding by the laws during these times.

The visitors have to follow the rules stated by the government. Wearing masks should be strictly followed. Also, the disinfection protocols are compulsory. Leah Biddle, the Cultural manager at the Warrington Museum states that visitor’s safety is their main concern. The team at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery are working hard day and night. Moreover, they aim to provide a safe visit for their guest. Also, the Warrington museum got the "good to go Kitemark" as evidence of their hard work.

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