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The UK’s Most Trusted T-Shirt Printing Supplier

Here at the T-Shirt Bakery, we are the trusted t-shirt printing supplier of some of the UK's top household brands, including Pet's at Home, Roberts Bakery, Network Rail and Salford University. We supply only high-quality t-shirt printing and merchandise for our clients. We use the latest DTG (Direct to Garment) technology to produce our prints. The DTG method offers a higher level of detail and sharpness to the print work compared to screen printing or vinyl transfer. DTG t-shirt printing embeds the ink directly into the fabric of the garment, leaving a smooth vibrant print which won’t fade or peel like other printing methods.

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 Choosing the Right T-Shirt Printer and Printing Method

Most customers choose a t-shirt printer the same way they would choose a tin of Heinz Baked Beans… they make their decision based on price without considering the quality of the print, the skill of the printer or the printing method used. In Warrington where the T-Shirt Bakery is based, most t-shirt printers use a vinyl transfer, which is a low-cost method and can look cheap and tacky after a few washes. This method is fine for polyester sports t-shirts, but there are much better options for cotton or cotton-mixture materials. At the T-Shirt Bakery, our expert t-shirt printers know which printing method would be best for your printing project and would advise you on the best course of action to take.

No Setup Fees or Minimum Orders on T-Shirt Printing

Many t-shirt printers charge a setup fee or have a minimum order quantity. We understand that every penny counts, that’s why we don’t charge any setup fees or have a minimum order quantity. You can order one t-shirt or as many as you need to meet your requirements.

“We use automatic software for our digital DTG printing, which controls our artwork configuration and print settings, this allows us to forgo any setup fees or minimum order quantities when you place a custom printed t-shirt order online.”

Incredible Quality T-Shirts

We take great care in choosing what t-shirts we stock on our website. We believe in stocking quality over quantity, this way you can be sure that you are ordering a quality t-shirt. Our specialist staff can help you pick the t-shirt which is best for your activity. We have t-shirts suitable for all occasions, if you need staff work uniforms, merchandise for your online shop, charity running events, a stag do or hen party, we can advise you on what shirt would be best.

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Discussing your t-shirt printing requirments with us.

 If you would like to discuss your requirements or receive a quote from the t-shirt bakery, you can call our sales team on 01925 480 033 or by email via our contact form. You can also visit our Warrington office.