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Multi-Name Business Card Printing in Warrington

When you have a business which has multiple employees, you may believe that it would be too expensive to supply all your team members with personalised business cards. To dispel this myth, the T-Shirt Bakery – Warrington has designed a multi-name business card product which will actually save you money. Many people in your team need the same card design, just with different positions and contact information. Our multi-name business cards are very competitively priced, allowing your business to reap the benefits of supplying all your employees with their own personalised business cards.

This multi-name business card product allows you to have the same branded design, with up to 15 different names and contact details on them. You simply need to select the specifications and then select how many different people you will need the cards printed for, then the quantity of each.

All our multi-name business cards come with FREE DELIVERY as standard (if you add any of our printed custom garments to your order, additional postage will be added).

Business Card Size: 85x55mm
Print Type: Single or Double Sided
Print: CMYK
Material: 350gsm and 450gsm in Silk or Uncoated 
Multiple Names: Up to 15
Finishing: Standard Corners
laminated Options: Gloss, Matt and Soft-Touch Finishes
Delivery:  Included in the price
Turnaround times: 4 to 5 working days from artwork approval.

You can design your own multi-name business cards or ask us to design the card on your behalf. For more information on our business cards design service, please visit our graphic design services page.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Order Personalised Business Cards For Your Employees.

Are you still not convinced that you should be supplying your team with individual business cards? you may think that it’s a waste of money arming your employees with personalised cards, but you are probably missing a trick if you are thinking in this way.

1. Everyone in Your Workforce is a Potential Sales Person.

You may be already supplying your sales team with personalised business cards, but what about the other departments within your company or organisation? Everyone in your workforce is a mascot for your business, both during and out of working hours. By arming them with their own personalised business cards they act as a point of sale for your business. 

If your business is in manufacturing or repair, supplying your engineers with personalised business cards could drastically increase your sales. Apart from adding a more personal touch to your customer service… having more of your company’s business cards in circulation means that you are more likely to be recommended by an existing customer who will pass on the card to their associates.

2. The Personal Touch

Supplying your team members with their own personalised business cards can add a more personal touch to your customer service. Business is all about building relationships with others, and handing over a branded personalised business card will make a much better first impression than a generic business card.

It makes the person your employee is meeting with feel like they are getting much more of a personal service from your business.

3. It Makes Your Company Appear Bigger Than What it Actually is.

Large corporations, such as ‘banks’ order millions of personalised business cards every year. Consumers expect this from large organisations so it’s quite easy to tap into this consumer mindset. By supplying your employees with their own business cards, you are creating the appearance that your company is actually larger than it is.

 4. A Personalised Business Card Shows That Your Employees Are Professionals in Their Field.

There is not much more unprofessional than frantically searching around for a pen and something to write on. Having a personalised business card which your employee can simply pull out, will give a much more professional impression on a customer or contact.

5. Ordering Personalised Business Cards in Bulk Will Save You Money

With our new multi-name business card product, you can now save money by buying them in bulk. This is a great way of increasing your brand awareness and gaining the benefits from the four previous points I mentioned. Everyone loves saving money, and when there are additional benefits to your business, you are on to a winner!

Professionals in Personalised Business Card Printing

We take pride in every business card we design or make. We have some great options for your business and offer FREE advice on any aspects of the design or printing process. If you would like to talk to us about having your business cards printed or design by us, please contact the T-Shirt Bakery call us on 01925 48 00 33, or via our contact form. You are also, welcome to visit our Warrington office to discuss your requirements.

Personalise business card printing in Warrington, Manchester and Cheshire.