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If you have landed on this page you are probably looking for a creative alternative to traditional business cards. Sometimes folded business cards are called tent cards due to their unique folded design. Every business wants to stand out from the crowd and differentiate their brand from the competition. Having a creative folded business card printed is a great solution to this. It also acts as an additional promotional product with more space to include social links or a personal message about your brand or business. Half folded business cards are frequently used in a variety of industries as an effective form of advertising.

To discuss having your folded business cards printed or designed by us, please contact the T-Shirt Bakery on 01925 48 00 33, or via our contact form.

Creative Folded Business Card Printing in Warrington

The T-Shirt Bakery, Warrington, has folded business cards for various uses. You may be looking for a creative folded business card to help distinguish your business in a competitive marketplace. Our 350gsm silk folded business cards are a perfect solution for this. You can also, add a laminated finish to our silk folded business cards to give your card a more luxury feel.

If your business is looking for an appointment or loyalty card which can include more information, such as contact information or additional marketing material. Our 350gsm uncoated folded Business cards would be the best choice for you. Our uncoated stock is great for any designs that are intended to be written on or stamped.

All our folded business cards come with FREE DELIVERY as standard (if you add any of our printed custom garments to your order, additional postage will be added). All our folded cards are creased and supplied flat ready to use.

Folded Business Cards Size: 55x85mm or 85x55mm
Print Type: Single or Double Sided
Print: Four colour process (CMYK)
Material: 350gsm Silk or a 350gsm Uncoated
Finishing: Standard Corners
Delivery:  Included in the price
Turnaround times: 4 to 5 working days from artwork approval.

You can design your own folded business cards or ask us to design the card on your behalf. For more information on our business cards design service, please visit our graphic design services page.

Benefits of Folded Business Cards

To help you decide if folded business cards would be best for your business, the T-Shirt Bakery, Warrington, has written just 3 of the main benefits of having a folded business card for your business.

1. Folded Business Cards Offer More Space

The chief advantage of a folded business card is that it offers four sides to print on instead of the usual two. This gives you twice the amount of space over more traditional business cards. With the ability to relay additional information to potential customers. When folded the business card is still a wallet-friendly size, something most people have come to expect from a business card.

The additional printable space offered by folded cards can be used in a number of ways. Examples of this would be as an appointment or loyalty card, and a way of promoting the benefits of your product or available services. It could also include coupons or location maps to help your customers find you.

2. Folded Business Cards Can Differentiate Your Brand

If you work in a competitive marketplace, then having a unique business card (tent card) may help differentiate your brand from your competitors. Folded business cards can be oriented horizontally or vertically providing additional creative benefits and help you to connect better with your target audience. 

A folded business card can be like a ‘mini-booklet’ with hidden gifts inside, allowing you to surprise potential customers or clients.  You need to think creatively about how you are going to use this extra space to your advantage. To give you an example, a writer might style his folded card to resemble a novel or playbook. Folded cards are used in various industries and can provide the added versatility that allows you to think outside of the box.

3. Folded Business Cards Are Affordable

Although folded business cards are slightly more expensive than traditional business cards, our folded business cards aren’t that much more expensive. Especially when you compared the cost to larger format products such as brochures or metal and wooden cards. That extra cost of a folded business card delivers a much higher value level, which out weights the difference in price. When combined with some creative thinking and originality, your business card could help to pay for itself many times over.

Experts in the Field of Folded Business Card Printing

The T-Shirt Bakery, Warrington, are professional experts in folded business card printing and design. We have a team of in-house professional graphic designers, which can design your folded business card on your behalf, or you can design your own folded business card and simply send us the artwork. If you would like to discuss having your folded business card printed with the T-Shirt Bakery, you can contact us on 01925 48 00 33, or via our contact form. Alternately, you can visit our Warrington office.

Folded Business Card Printing in Warrington, Manchester and Cheshire.