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Business Card Printing in Warrington

Although we live in the digital age, with most business being done over the internet or by a digital method, you could be forgiven to think that business cards don't matter anymore, but this just isn’t true. A well-designed custom business card can offer a lot more than just exchanging your business’s information on to potential customers or contacts. Here are 5 reasons why business cards are still important for your business, and how you can get the most out of your business card.

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5 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

1. Handing a contact a business card is more personal.

Networking is about making a genuine connection with another person, forming a professional relationship, and swapping contact information via a digital method is very impersonal. Although convenient (and we have all done it), sending contact information via email or text message on the spot is also extremely impersonal. When you are handing a person a custom business card, you engage and make eye contact and actually have a conversation with them. This is how real relationships begin.

As a business owner or professional you want any encounters with potential customers or contacts to be significantly memorable. Two people with their heads deep in their phones, won’t typically create any kind of significant memory of that encounter. There are many apps available which can easily transfer the information from a custom business card to your mobile device after the conversation.

2. Business cards are the most effective direct marketing tool.

Having a personal approach to business is still the most effective direct marketing tool you have in your arsenal. Search engine optimization, email marketing and other means of paid media all do a great job of attracting prospects and leads, but meeting a person face to face and exchanging information via a custom business card, along with a good handshake is the most affected direct marketing method you can use.

You can encounter potential customers or contacts at any time of the day. This might be at trade shows, industry conferences, down your local pub or in passing. You never want to miss an opportunity to make a new valuable business connection, so make sure you are armed with your business cards at all times. You need to be prepared, having some business card in your pocket, wallet, or bag.

3. A business card is the first impression of your brand.

As some of my regular readers will know, I talk a lot about branding. Your business card is the first impression someone sees of your brand, and you wouldn’t want he or she to walk away thinking that your brand is cheap or tacky. You want your brand to make a good first impression. A well-designed memorable custom business card that reflects your brand, does a lot more than just pass on a general email address or phone number information.

If you owned a retail store, and your storefront sign was made with a piece of cardboard and stuck together with Sellotape, you wouldn’t make a very good first impression. You need to have the same mentality when it comes to your business cards.

You want to make an extra impact (a memorable first impression) on any potential contacts. if you are not a professional graphic designer or branding expert, I would recommend that you seek outside help from a professional graphic designer. Here at the T-Shirt Bakery, we have graphic designers who can design a custom business card which matches your brand and will ensure that you make a great first impression.

To see how the T-Shirt Bakery could help develop your business card printing, and for other design services, please visit our Graphic design services page.

A well-designed business card can also, act as a great icebreaker. A unique business card will actually fuel the conversation, helping you to build that all-important relationship with the person you are engaging with.

4. A creative custom business card will get shared, and continue to market for you.

When you meet a prospect and exchange email addresses, and phone numbers in your phones, your marketing ends there. You both walk away and your valuable contact information never gets shared. When you hand over a creative business card that makes a great impression, that person is likely to show it to their contacts. This puts your brand in front of additional prospectors.

Tip: I never give out just one business card to a customer, normally at least 3-5. This means that there is a much greater chance that my business cards will be passed on to other potential customers. A happy customer will always recommend you and pass your information on to others.

5. Business cards show you are prepared.

You need to take a professional approach, and having a custom business card is a big part of this. We have all met someone who has written his or her contact information on a napkin, then handed it over to you or the guy in a networking group who had a dead battery on his mobile phone. Scrambling to find a pen, and something to write on isn’t the most professional approach and will leave a poor impression on your business. By simply pulling out a well-made custom business card, this shows that you are prepared and indicates that you are professional.

Experts at business card printing

The T-Shirt Bakery are experts in the field of business cards printing. We can advise you on your design or even design your business card for you. Having a quality custom business card printed by us will give your brand the professionalism it deserves and will make a lasting impression on any customers or contacts you engage with.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of having your business cards designed or printed with us please, call us on 01925 48 00 33, or via our contact form. You can also, visit the T-Shirt Bakery at our Warrington Office. We look forward to hearing from you

Business Card Printing in Warrington, Manchester and Cheshire.