Okay, so you want to design a flyer to help promote your business or service? This article will help guide you through the design process.

A flyer isn’t just a way of promoting your product or service, it's a ‘Sales Funnel’ to persuade any potential customers to purchase what you are offering. There is a certain design layout which you need to follow to lead any potential customers into acting upon what you are selling.

How to design a business flyer t-shirt bakery

Designing a killer flyer can be difficult if you don’t have any marketing or design knowledge! It’s not good enough to hand flyers out on the street or put them under windscreen wipers in a supermarket carpark. You actually want people to read your flyer and not just to throw it in the nearest bin or drop it on the floor. Getting a flyer into the hands of potential customers is only the first stage of the whole process. You only have a second or two at most, to grab a person’s attention. If you don’t grab their attention right away, there is little to no chance of them reading the rest of your flyer.

Here are two examples of the same flyer design. They both use the same information and copy but the one on your left has been structured differently to guide the reader into wanting to know more.

flyer design t-shirt bakery

By following these simple steps below, you will be well on your way to creating a flyer that works for your business which converts people into paying customers.

The headline

Unless you are already a well-known brand, your logo is not the most important part of your design, and this should never be at the top of the flyer. You need to say ‘what you are selling’ and ‘why a potential customer should act upon it’. Here is an example the T-Shirt Bakery did for a Baby Massage & Yoga course.

flyer header and title t-shirt bakery

The headline 'Baby Massage Classes for babies 0-6 months', this tells the reader exactly what is being sold to them. The next line explains why they should act upon it, ‘Because the first Session is FREE’. You are giving the customer a reason to read further. Adding a sub-title can also help reinforce your message or headline. In this case – ‘Baby Massage and Yoga is nurturing and relaxing for both you and your babies’. Remember you only have a second to get their attention and make them read further, so make sure your headline is a good one and always place it at the top of the flyer, or under your main eye-catching image.

Use images and taglines

Everyone has heard the old saying ‘a picture says a 1000 words’, well this is so true. Make sure your images are related to your product or service and are relevant to what you are selling. Adding a tagline to the images can help tie them to your design and add further reasoning why they should act upon your product. In the example, the tagline is ‘Children thrive off positive nurturing touch’. This tagline is directly related to what is being shown in the images.

flyer photos t-shirt bakery

Make sure your images are high-resolution (300 dpi) (We will talk about this later in the article), having low-resolution images will make your photos look pixelated and blurry.


A Call to Action

A call to action is another important element in your design, which should NEVER be left out. By this stage you have given the potential customers a reason to read further, the call to action is telling them to ‘act on what you are offering’. People are much more likely to use your product or service if you tell them to do so.

flyer call to action t-shirt bakery

Basic Information

Always remember to add basic information like, venue address, time and dates and how much you charge for your service. For high ticket products or services, I recommend that you don’t add a price but rather a ‘call now for pricing details’ or something like that. High ticket products or services will take a little selling persuasion than a flyer alone.

 flyer design basic information t-shirt bakery

Additional information

This is the least important part of your flyer design and should go toward the bottom of your design. Although some customers will be sold by now, there are customers which need extra reassurance and persuasion. The additional information section is for those customers. It’s should include additional benefits and reassurance by using your product or service.

 flyer design additional information t-shirt bakery

Contact Details

Make sure your contact details stand out. In the example, we have used a different colour from the surrounding text and make the important parts (the number and Facebook page) bolder for extra impact.

flyer contact details t-shirt bakery

Resolution Quality

I am only going to touch on this briefly because this could be a whole blog article within itself, but when creating your flyer design make sure that the file is set up at 300 dpi (dots per inch) before you begin working. Also, avoid scaling up images or pixel text as this will lower the resolution quality.

A low-resolution design will look pixelated and blurry when printed.  Never use unsuitable software to design your flyer. Word processing software like Microsoft Word is an unusable file format to a printer. Use a proper design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, if you don’t have any of these programs, ask a graphic designer to help you, or contact the T-Shirt Bakery and we can help you with your design for a small fee.


Don’t go mad with the number of colours in your design. I would recommend that you use no more than 5 colours. In the example, we have only used 4 colours, one of which is in the logo and two of them are just different shades of pink. Having lots of different colours can be confusing for the reader and can dampen your message, which at the end of the day, is the important part.

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Article written by Matt Brussels – T-Shirt Bakery founder / Design & Printing Specialist